Bangalala secondary school desperately needs to build a hostel adjacent to the school. Here the girls can live without fear, concentrate on their studying and enjoy their youth. Without it, many girls in Bangalala will never receive an education.


This project is now COMPLETE.

CBR Worker ​

A Research grant has been provided by Hub Cymru Africa to understand the challenges and costs of implementing a Community Based Rehabilitation worker to the village, which would look after the disabled children, and aid them to attend school.


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All school hostels in Bangalala require a permanent Matron, and it is required that accommodation is provided for the Matron.


Plans have been created for this, and fund raising is in progress.


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Bangalala School is currently restricted to paper research material, and do not have access to any further educational material.


A plan is in place to provide digital educational material for the students.


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Bangalala Secondary school has been without power its inception.


Power would enable them to provide out of hours classes, computer lessons, internet, and lighting for the hostel.


This project is now COMPLETE.



IT Provision

The provision of IT services to the school would give the village a major step forward in their ability to teach, funding from the government, and student research.  This would cover a Printer, Laptops, and Internet.


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