HAZINA are a non-profit making organisation working with the aim to alleviate poverty, ensure clean and accessible water supply for the population and the agricultural needs, improve education, progress the women’s situation and work towards  sustainable business activities in the village of Bangalala in the Same distinct of Tanzania.  


We are working on invitation from and in co-operation with the population of Bangalala. 100% of your donations will reach Bangalala without deductions for administration costs.



Our greatest hope is that the Bangalala project will end very soon. We hope that within just a few years we will have been able to put an end to Bangalala’s plight and provided the village with the foundation they need to thrive. We want to see a new hostel, improved education, a better hospital, improve the food storage and a redeveloped water supply system.


Hazina is not an eternal open purse to solve a problem that might never end. It’s a real opportunity to make a meaningful difference to over 3200 lives within the very near future.

We firmly believe that Bangalala need your donations more than we ever will. We have no administration costs, we do all our administration on a voluntary basis. We promise that every single penny of your donation will be spent on Bangalala. We are helping Bangalala because we believe that we can make a huge difference to the lives of 3200 people, personal gain just cannot compete with that.


When significant expenses do arise, such as travelling to Bangalala, we will incur them personally, with Gift Aid donations, or via special purpose grants.